What is Wreckless Racing?

Wreckless Racing is a 501c extension program of Project Wreckless. We serve to provide graduates an opportunity to apply skills gained in the Project Wreckless shop to the fast paced, high intensity, and professional world of competitive racing. Graduates further their knowledge by working hands on with the racecars and Pro team members both at events and off the track. Team mentors help graduates learn how to maintain the cars, manage budgets, garner sponsorship, handle travel logistics, create social media content, and conceptualize brand activations for partners. The goal is to be the first all-youth run race team with Project Wreckless graduates in every position, from Driver to Marketing Manager, Crew Chief to Social Media Manager, or Pit Crew to Logistics Coordinator.

We’ve already impacted a number of graduates from the Project Wreckless program. We’re so excited to be bringing our passion, drive to do good, and pioneering approach to motorsport activations.

Help us continue to make a positive impact in the lives of our Project Wreckless youth by donating today!